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take it all or take half, pull me down in the grass

i'll go anywhere with you

hello beautiful
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honey, you're the death of me.

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ichigoxkiss (12:37:43 AM): LOL WE DON'T SHIP OR ANYTHING
mikadzuki naito (12:37:48 AM): NO WAI.
ichigoxkiss (12:37:51 AM): WE ARE JUST NORMAL CROWD GOERS.
ichigoxkiss (12:37:54 AM): IN THE CROWD
ichigoxkiss (12:37:57 AM): BEING NORMAL
mikadzuki naito (12:38:01 AM): NOT SHIPPING
ichigoxkiss (12:38:10 AM): TOTALLY NOT.
ichigoxkiss (12:38:13 AM): THAT'S WEIRD.
mikadzuki naito (12:38:15 AM): EW.
ichigoxkiss (12:38:18 AM): AND FOR STALKERS.
mikadzuki naito (12:38:24 AM): TOTALLY.
mikadzuki naito (12:38:27 AM): WHICH WE ARE NOT.

this bitch is my favorite bitch. ♥

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maybe i'll be a poet